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We now offer .NET application developement with a focus on .NET web services and custom .dll conversion to the .NET framework standards. As well as WAP (WML) Wireless web application development.


Hospitality Solutions

Deffacto Entperprise Systems and the Hospitality industry

Hospitality Solutions:

  • H.S.I.A. Compliance
    We work with industry leaders such as Intercontinental group, and Carlson to ensure full compliance with technical specification.

  • Wireless/Wired solutions
    We provide the most powerful wireless solutions for hotels that do not have an internet service to offer or where you want to augment and offer your guests more choices in H.S.I.A. As well, we provide the most secure environment for your quests including the highest level of encryption and forcing authentication of roaming access. You guests can rest assured that their information and computers are safe from other guests and prying eyes. We have many solutions that we offer including the hard wiring of your hotel to allow for a truly secure V.P.N. access for such government agencies as the A.T.F. and D.O.D where their standards and protocols forbid the use of Wi/Fi access or their VPN software does not work with Wi/Fi. We can hard wire the hotel with out damaging walls or running unsitely plastic races down the wall, we provide the most cutting edge solutions to get you hard wired quickly and efficiently. We have a solution for every possible H.S.I.A. need and situation.

  • Network Architecture

  • Data/System integration

  • Time Systems

  • Payroll Analysis

  • Business intelligence

  • Revenue monitoring

  • 24/7/365 support

  • Revpar flash reports

  • Custom software solutions

  • Incremental revenue solutions

Deffacto Enterprise Systems
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