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We now offer .NET application developement with a focus on .NET web services and custom .dll conversion to the .NET framework standards. As well as WAP (WML) Wireless web application development.


Case Studies

STG uses Deffacto ecommerce technology to increase revenue through internet sales.

Company Definition

STG is the largest supplier of thread and thread by products in Chattanooga and the entire Southeast region. Annual sales are well over 200K. STG's products include Tenara, Mettler, and Signature threads. As well as over 100 different thread specifications. Until Deffacto technology was implemented their sales we mainly from networking contacts.

STG has over 25 employees operating out of the main Chattanooga warehouse. The management is centralized within the main business core. This is where the operating decsions are made by the President of the company.

Business Vision

STG was looking to increase it's revenue and create an internet presence. They wanted to be able to automate several core business processes and be able to reach large scale potential clients both nationaly and internationaly. They wanted to automate the entire process flow of ordering, inventory reduction, and aquisition from online sales. They needed a way to access the internet instantly and constantly as well as a way to communicate with potential clients from the web site as they visited.

Business Solution

After considering several well-known strategies, STG decided to use Deffacto technology. Deffacto installed a wireless network which allowed for scalability and flexibility solving the instant internet and high band width need. STG and Deffacto used their existing business process model and experience to integrate the web site with the current ERP environment. Deffacto created an ecommerce web site that facilitates the online ordering and revenue. Deffacto installed the instant communication software binding the web site visitors to the desktop of their workstations allowing for instant communication. Deffacto created the thread calculation software and weblication to allow for STG's exsisting customers to calculate the amount of thread needed. Deffacto created the mechanism and registered STG with over 175K serach engines putting them in the number one position on all the major and minor search engines. This allows them to be found by thousands of people daily. They have had several international contacts, the most recent was from a thread seller in France. Deffacto installed new workstations that would utilize the new high speed and increased bandwidth to house the mass e-mailing application we had built for them. This allowed for STG to send e-mail to exsisting clients to capture more revenue and potential clients to generate new revenue.

Quantifiable Business Results

After first year analysis, STG had increased it's revenue by 100K from internet sales. This is in direct correlation with the partnership with Deffacto and Deffacto's proven methodologies, core business concepts, and strategies. This has been a great project with excellent return on investment. Deffacto and STG have surpasssed the original goals and expectations and have already started phase II of conceptualization. Great Job team!!

Deffacto Enterprise Systems
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